Mobility Aids

Mobility aids are designed to help people regain their independence and reduce pain and discomfort, really helping individuals overcome everyday challenges. From simple walking sticks to powered chairs, mobility aids come in lots of different shapes and sizes, to suit a variety of different needs. They can make your journeys easier if you are having difficulty walking or provide a temporary solution if you are recovering from an injury or operation. They can also be vital in helping prevent falls, as the extra stability can help boost your confidence and get you back out there.

We offer simple aids to help with walking, and if you have never used a mobility aid before but have recently been feeling a bit wobbly on your feet, a walking stick could be all you need for a little extra balance. If you find that a stick’s not enough, walkers and walking frames could provide the extra stability you need. Manual wheelchairs can be good options for ad-hoc situations where your usual walker is impractical (such as an accompanied trip to the doctors), as well as everyday solutions for getting around. Powered alternatives include electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters. Whatever your mobility need is we have an experienced team of trusted advisors on hand to help you.