April 24, 2024 | Terry Smith

How much do stretchers with powered drive assist typically cost?

Patient stretchers and trolleys with electrically powered drive assist are becoming increasingly common, and for good reason. The benefits that they bring in taking the strain of pushing beds & stretchers of staff members have been proven to increase efficiency and reduce injuries.

In this article, we look at how much a stretcher with a powered drive system costs in comparison to a standard stretcher. 

Powerdrive system on the Felgains Stride Pro Concealment Trolley


How much does a powered stretcher cost?

On average, a powered stretcher is likely to cost around £2000-£3000 more than a ‘standard’ stretcher of a similar spec. 

To give you some examples, the below table shows the cost of some of the stretchers from our range, with and without powered drive assist:

Stretcher Price without powered drive assist (ex. VAT) Price with powered drive assist (ex. VAT)

PatientFlow Stretcher

£4,700 £7,590

Stride Concealment Trolley

£5,817 £8,707


What are the cost-saving benefits of using powered stretchers?

By using powered stretchers and trolleys, the physical strain off pushing beds is taken off the staff member, reducing the risk of injury. Using powered stretchers also reduces the need for 2 or more staff members to be involved in transporting a patient through a hospital. 

Both of these things work towards reducing costs relating to injury and efficiency, which will most likely offset the cost of the extra investment in the long run. 



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