June 28, 2024 | Terry Smith

How much does the OpFlex Day Surgery Stretcher cost?

How much does the OpFlex Day Surgery Stretcher cost? This will always be one of the first questions anyone will ask when researching the OpFlex or stretchers and trolleys for Day Surgery in general.

We get it. Price matters. It’s not the only consideration but it’s pretty important, and for many of us it’s something that has a big influence over what products we choose.

At Felgains, we aim to educate every prospective buyer, even if that ultimately leads you towards a different type of stretcher. So, in this article, I’ll do my best to outline the actual price of the OpFlex Stretcher and explain to you what factors affect the price.


How much does the OpFlex Stretcher cost?

Designed for day surgery units,  the OpFlex is an operating table and patient transport trolley all in one, increasing efficiency and patient flow in your department. The OpFlex starts at £8,933 excluding VAT for a single unit. Please note, however, that quantity discounts are available. 

What about accessories?

There are over 60 accessories for the OpFlex Stretcher to help you configure the most suitable trolley for your unit and for the procedures you carry out. 

All the details of these attachments can be found on this page, including costs.


What about servicing and maintenance?

The OpFlex Day Surgery Stretcher requires an annual service.  This can be conducted by Felgains or by Estates or Clinical Engineering.


Is the OpFlex available on NHS procurement frameworks?

Currently, the OpFlex is not available to purchase via NHS Supply Chain. We are working to get it added to Lot 5 – Patient Stretchers and Trolleys and Related Accessories and Services.



I trust this article has given you a clear understanding of how much the OpFlex Day Surgery Stretcher costs, and what factors affect the cost. 

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss your requirements with us, feel free to call us on 01473 741144.  Alternatively, reach out via the contact form at the bottom of this article. 



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