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How do I get fitted for a riser recliner chair? A guide to your SHAPE seating assessment

SHAPE Seating Assessment LogoIf you’ve looked at our riser recliner chair product range and like what you see, you may well now be wondering how our expert advisors help you find the right model and configuration for you.

And we’ve got to be honest and say that the process you take to choose one is at least as important as attributes of the product itself, like quality or warranty length.

So, let’s walk you through what goes into your riser recliner chair fitting assessment, which is available in our Ipswich showroom or via a home visit. It’s based on our 45 years of experience and we call it…

Your SHAPE seating assessment: riser recliner chair fitting

S for SizeRiser recliner measurements

While some of us may fit within ‘small, medium and large’, many of us don’t. That’s why as well as standard sizes we offer truly made to measure rise and recliner chairs, not just made to fit. The most important things to get right are seat depth, seat height, and seat width. The right size chair will give you a good sitting posture from which you can enjoy activities (or a snooze!) in real comfort, with the peace of mind that you’re optimising your long-term health and wellbeing. You can read more in our Measuring for a Riser Recliner Guide.

H for Health

To get the best outcome, it’s essential to assess your mobility and the context of any medical conditions you have. You may live with arthritis and need a comfortable chair that will help you stand, or you may have a long-term condition like multiple sclerosis and need more specialist postural support, with input from your Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist. We tailor our solutions for the full range of needs, all the way from standard to fully bespoke.

A for Action

No lights or camera, we’re really talking about your positioning in your chair.  Looking at the activities you’ll use your chair for, how we can optimise your posture, as well as the way you transfer to and from your chair, means we can find the appropriate mechanism for you.  For example, a tilt-in-space action keeps the seat-to-back angle constant as you recline, which maintains your posture and redistributes pressure. You can find out more about the different types of mechanism in our guides.

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P for Pressure

Avoiding pressure sores if you’re sitting for long periods or sleeping in your chair is crucial, so selecting the right style of seat, with in-built pressure relief if needed, protects your wellbeing. Taken together, the three ‘Ps’ – posture, position and pressure – form the foundation of good seating.  Get the ‘science of seating’ right and you can enjoy the long-term benefits for your health, including better digestion, improved circulation and healthy joints, giving you greater independence and quality of life.

E for Environment

For you to get the most out of your chair, it’s important to consider where you’re going to use your chair and what part it will play in your life. For example, if you live in residential care, you may need to move around in your chair throughout your living space so you’ll need to support safe moving and handling for your carers. You might want a seating solution that keeps you healthy and mobile and fits into a modern lifestyle – it must play and look the part. It can be done!

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