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How to measure for a riser recliner chair

We’ve got to be honest with you and say upfront that we strongly recommend booking a professional assessment. Having fitted people with riser recliner chairs for 45 years, we know there are often subtle size nuances that aren’t obvious at first glance. By measuring yourself, you could buy a riser recliner chair that isn’t suitable for you.

Although expert measurements are best, we recognise that there may be times when you need to take measurements for a riser recliner yourself. This step-by-step guide shows you how to measure for a riser recliner chair so you can provide us with basic sizing information.

Before you read how to get fitted for a riser recliner, we should say that these instructions for taking riser recliner measurements are for people who have a normal posture. If you have any postural deviations, or your weight is over 25 stone, this will not be the best advice for you. In these cases, please contact us for advice.

Metal tape measure

How to measure for a riser recliner chair

OK, now that you can be sure this is measurement guide for you, here are 3 important points to note before you start:

  • Ensure the person being measured is sitting upright with their feet positioned flat on the floor in the footwear they normally wear when seated. Sitting on a dining chair without arms is the best way to take measurements, ensuring the person is sat with their buttocks against the back of the chair, with their hips and knees at a 90° angle.
  • Make sure you measure in a straight line ‘across’ rather than ‘around’ the person (particularly when taking the seat width measurement). We recommend using a rigid tape measure.
  • You can use inches or centimetres for the measurements, as long as you use either consistently.

1. Seat heightHow to measure seat height

What good looks like
: The correct seat height should allow your upper legs to lie flat on the seat cushion. When seated, the hips and knees should be at right angles, with the feet flat on the floor.

Why the correct seat height is important: Getting the right seat height ensures you can mobilise in and out of your riser recliner safely, and prevents discomfort and pressure build up when seated.

How to measure seat height: Measure the distance from the floor to the crease at the back of the knees.


2. Seat depthHow to measure seat depth

What good looks like
: The correct seat depth should ensure support of your upper legs to the back of the knees without putting pressure on back of your calves. When seated you should be able to place two fingers together between the edge of the seat and the back of the knee.

Why the correct seat depth is important: The depth of your riser recliner should enable a correct sitting posture, so you feel comfortable, and your lower back is supported by your chair.

How to measure seat depth: Measure the length from the back of the buttocks, along the thighs to 1 inch (2.5cm) behind the back of the knees.


3. Seat width

How to measure seat width

What good looks like
: The correct seat width should ensure your arms sit comfortably on the armrests and the chair is not too wide or narrow.

Why the correct seat width is important: The width of your riser recliner should give you enough room so you are comfortable, supported to sit in an upright posture and you can reposition yourself in your chair.

How to measure seat width: Measure the width across the widest part of the hips/bottom. You should add approximately 1 inch (2.5cm) either side to indicate a good seat width.


4. Back heightHow to measure back height

What good looks like
: The correct back height should ensure the back of your head is supported when sitting or lying in the chair.

Why the correct back height is important: The back height plays an important role in you maintaining a good posture and avoids pain or discomfort in your neck and shoulders.

How to measure back height: Measure from the buttocks to the top of the shoulder to indicate the minimum height requirement.


5. Armrest heightHow to measure arm height

What good looks like
: The correct armrest height should allow your arms to rest comfortably, supporting the length of the forearm without raising or drooping shoulders.

Why the correct armrest height is important: The armrest helps you get in and out of your chair and supports a good sitting posture.

How to measure armrest height: Measure from the top of the seat cushion to the underside of the elbow, where the arm is in a neutral position.


If you need help with any of these steps, you can give us a call on 01473 741144.

What happens next?

When you send us your measurements, it’s always helpful if you can make a note of how you’ve measured (photos are ideal if you feel comfortable with this). The measurements you provide will show if you need a standard size or made to measure riser recliner chair. We may contact you with some further questions, or to clarify measurements if needed. For example, the backrest style you choose can affect the measurements of your riser recliner. We can then confirm the specification and you’re ready to order your new riser recliner.


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