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An overview of the TransitFlow Portering Chair models | Standard, Outdoor, Bariatric, Powered

There are various models of the TransitFlow Portering Chair, to suit the various needs that exist in the NHS and within each Trust. 

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of each model and compare their technical specs, so you have a good understanding of what model is best suited to your needs.

Standard version

The standard TransitFlow Hospital Portering Chair has been designed to suit the majority of patients and Trusts, and is the most common model we provide. 

The TransitFlow has a safe working load of 200kg, folding armrests, an integrated document holder, and a sliding footrest as standard. There is also a large range of accessories available, as seen on the product page here.


Bariatric version

Often, a Trust would invest in a smaller number of bariatric portering chairs to go alongside their main fleet, for those occasions where the standard safe working load of 200kg is not enough. 

The Bariatric TransitFlow model has a higher safe working load of 250kg, as well as a wider seat and frame to suit the larger patient. 

All of the accessories compatible with the standard TransitFlow will also work with the bariatric version, so you’re able to interchange them as necessary. 


Outdoor version

A lot of Portering Managers we speak to mention that portering chairs are often not built to be used outdoors, despite the need for outdoor transfers being quite common.

To meet this problem, the TransitFlow Outdoor has been designed specially for outdoor use, with a hard-wearing and weatherproof coating on all metal parts and a plastic seat and backrest.


Powered versions

Both the standard and bariatric TransitFlow Portering Chairs are available in Powered versions, which have a powered drive system fitted to take the effort of pushing off your Portering Staff, reducing the risk of injury and strain. 

The powered drive system is controlled by the member of staff using a throttle system attached to the handles. 

As before, all of the accessories compatible with the standard TransitFlow will also work with the powered versions, so you’re able to interchange them as necessary. 


Specifications comparison table

  TransitFlow TransitFlow Bariatric TransitFlow Outdoor TransitFlow Powered TransitFlow Powered Bariatric
Safe working load 200kg 250kg 200kg 200kg 250kg
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 105 cm x 75 cm x 100 cm 105 cm x 90 cm x 102 cm 105 cm x 75 cm 100 x cm 105 cm x 70 cm x 102 cm 105 cm x 90 cm x 102 cm
Chair weight 35kg 50kg 35kg 52kg 65kg
Stackable design? Yes No Yes No No



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