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How do weight limits affect what riser recliner chair I can buy?

It may be obvious that different models of riser recliner chair have varying weight limits, but you may be wondering how this affects what specifications and options are available to you. That’s exactly what we’ll set out to answer for you here.

1. You’re under 20 stone in weight

This one’s quick and easy because, if you’re under 20 stone in weight, how much you weigh has no impact on what riser recliner chair options and specifications are available to you.

This is different from your body dimensions, which may affect what models are suitable. So, it’s possible you may be under 20 stone in weight, but still require an ASHORE Maiden made to measure riser recliner chair because, for example, you have very short legs!

2. You’re between 20 stone and 25 stone in weight

Some of our riser recliner chairs, like the ASHORE Taylor and Liberty have an upper weight limit of 20 stone. So do some of our healthcare riser chairs, like the ASHORE Haven and Carey. So, if you require features on these models like pressure relief, it may be necessary to look at the ASHORE Maiden as an alternative. You will, however, lose the ability to reconfigure your chair in future in the same way you can with the Carey and Haven.

3. You’re between 25 stone and 35 stone in weight

Depending on the dimensions you require, the ASHORE Maiden or Major riser recliner chairs will be best for you. That’s because they have the higher weight capacity required. Up to 35 stone, you still have a choice of three riser recliner chair motor types: single tilt-in-space motor, dual motor or dual tilt-in-space motor. And for seat widths up to 30 inches, the ASHORE Maiden offers the full range of options and accessories.

4. You are between 50 stone and 70 stone in weight

If your weight is 50 stone or more, you’ll need to look at the ASHORE Major bariatric riser recliner chair. This is a dual motor riser recliner chair with a waterfall back. Pressure relief options are still available, albeit a slightly more limited range. A good selection of options and accessories can be chosen too, including battery back-up.

5. There’s one important caveat

Aside from the weight limit of the riser recliner chair as a whole, the seat dimensions you require can affect the weight capacity of the legrest. Most of the time this isn’t consequential but, in scenarios such as severe oedema or swelling in the legs, this may mean going for a model with a higher safe working load that you would otherwise need. Naturally, this is something we’d cover in a rise and recline chair assessment for you.

I trust this article’s given you an understanding of riser recliner chair weight limits and how this may affect what model of riser recliner chair you can buy. As always, we’d love to see how we can meet your needs, so please do get in touch on 01473 741144 or using the form below.


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