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Standard vs made to measure riser recliner chairs: which is best for me?

I’m guessing you’ve decided to buy a rise and recline chair and you’re now trying to understand the sizing options, so you know which one to go for. You’re not short on choices, so in this guide we’ll show you:

  • What sizing is available
  • The difference between standard and made to measure
  • Factors to consider in deciding

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What is the difference between standard and made to measure riser recliner chairs?

First, let’s be clear about what we’re comparing. When we say ‘standard’, we mean standard sizes. ‘Made to measure’ refers to bespoke sizing that’s not available on standard size models. Sounds obvious, but it’s easy to confuse sizing options with other bespoke choices like upholstery.

The sizes that are available as standard will vary across seating providers. They may be as simple as small, medium and large, but are more likely to be a range of 5-7 sizes, such as those available on an Ashore Taylor riser recliner:

  • Super petite (16in SH x 18in SD x 18in SW)
  • Petite (16in SH x 20in SD x 18in SW)
  • Wide petite (16in SH x 18in SD x 22in SW)
  • Standard petite (18in SH x 18in SD x 18in SW)
  • Standard (18in SH x 20in SD x 20in SW)
  • Classic (19in SH x 20in SD x 20in SW)
  • Grande (19in SH x 20in SD x 22in SW)
  • Tall (21in SH x 22in SD x 20in SH)

Standard size riser recliners are designed to meet the most common size requirements and provide a reasonable fit for most people. With a made to measure riser recliner chair, you can customise the key dimensions beyond standard sizing. This means you can customise your seat height, depth and width, as well as back height and arm height.

Benefits of a made to measure riser recliner chair

The purpose of this guide isn’t to persuade you to buy a made to measure riser recliner. We’ll only mention the benefits to help you answer the question: why should I consider choosing a made to measure riser recliner chair?

A made to measure rise and recline chair provides a more precise fit, so you get a correctly fitting chair. This enables you to sit in a good posture, which is naturally more comfortable and supportive. There are also several potential health benefits, including improved circulation and joint health. The importance of the right size riser recliner chair is also about safety. For example, if the seat height is too high, your feet won’t be in contact with the floor as the chair rises, putting you at risk of falling.

6 factors to consider in deciding between a standard and made to measure riser recliner chair

1. Your size and weightTape measure

This one’s first because it’s the obvious place to start. It may be a standard size riser recliner offers a good fit for you, and you have no other requirements that would indicate bespoke sizing is a good idea. In which case, the decision is a quick and easy one. However, we do all come in different shapes and sizes, and standard sizes are a reasonable compromise, or an average, of the most common size requirements. So, many people find they can’t get a good fit in a standard size, even if they consider themselves an ‘average’ size! 

There are some situations where a made to measure option is going to be the only suitable option, for example:

  • Your weight is over 25 stone
  • You need a seat width of more than 22 inches
  • You need a seat depth or seat height of less than 16 inches

2. Any medical conditions you have

As we’ve discussed, sitting in a correctly fitting riser recliner chair has a positive impact on your overall health. Considering your health needs is therefore an important part of your decision. For example, let’s take an example of someone living with Parkinson’s disease, which causes them to slump to one side when sitting. It follows that getting the seat width right is critical.

3. The length of time you’ll spend in your chairClock

It’s hard to overstate the importance of this. If you’re likely to use your riser recliner for several hours every day, the impact your sitting posture has on your overall health could be significant. Think of it a little like a pair of shoes that really don’t fit very well. I’m sure we’ve all done it, worn them day in and day out and then wondered why we’ve developed all sorts of foot problems like corns!

4. Your pressure care needsLayers

Yes, having a riser recliner chair which fits you correctly could be the difference between developing a pressure sore, or not. This is because good posture is part of good pressure care. Sitting in a good posture will be especially relevant if you have a medical condition which puts you at high risk of pressure sores, such as diabetes. Or let’s just say the legrest is too long, so your feet rest on the legrest. Lots of people ask: should my feet hang off a recliner? The answer is the legrest should support your ankles, but your heels should roll off the edge. Otherwise, there’s a real risk of pressure sores on your ankles, particularly if you’re spending lots of time in your chair with your feet up.

5. How quickly you need your chairSpeed

This one doesn’t take much working out, but you will normally have to wait longer to get a made to measure riser recliner chair delivered. Standard sizes are often available off-the-shelf, and you could have one delivered straight from the showroom or on express delivery. Just remember this depends on whether you need any optional extras, which would make the chair made to order with a similar lead time to a made to measure chair.

So, what is the typical delivery time for a riser recliner chair from Felgains? We carry a range of standard sizes in stock for delivery within 2 days. The normal lead time for a made to measure riser recliner is 4-5 weeks. That said, we’d recommend asking us for current lead times to double check.

6. Your budget

We’d encourage you to consider what needs you want to meet before looking at the numbers. At the same time, we totally recognise that budget plays a big part in any buying decision we make. So, we’ll say it plainly, that a made to measure riser recliner will typically be more expensive than a standard size (depending on what other optional extras you may choose). For guide prices, you can look at our Riser Recliners, although we’d recommend contacting us for a proper quote based on your requirements.

I think you’ll now have a clearer idea of whether a standard size or made to measure riser recliner is the best choice for you. You may well still have questions relating to your specific needs, which is where our expert advisors can help you.


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