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New vs second hand riser recliner chairs: what you should know before you buy

A question we sometimes get asked is: can I buy a second hand riser recliner chair from Felgains? The answer is no, you can buy new riser recliner chairs from Felgains, but not second hand. So, if you’ve searched second hand riser recliner chairs near me and found us, we’ll sadly have to disappoint you.Second hand riser recliner chair

We don’t begrudge you for asking, though. It’s a legitimate part of any buying decision to see if you can save money and get the same product, or an acceptable alternative, for less. After all, we all like to get a good deal!

The pros and cons of new vs second hand are similar for many products but, in this guide, we want to highlight them as they relate to riser recliner chairs. We don’t intend to teach common sense, or to persuade you to buy a new riser recliner, but to provide you with the facts so you can make an informed decision.

Pros of second hand riser recliner chairs


1. Price


This is first because it’s by far the biggest appeal of buying 2nd hand riser recliner chairs. You can buy good quality products, from renowned brands, for less in the second hand market. In the case of riser recliner chairs, you may be able to save several hundred pounds off the price of a new model. More on price below, so read on.

2. Eco-friendlyEco friendly icon


Buying and selling second hand riser recliner chairs reduces waste and gives products that are still in good working order a new lease of life. It’s fair to say the argument here is weaker than with fast fashion, say! Nonetheless, this appeals to our waste not, want not sensibilities.

Cons of second hand riser recliner chairs

1. ReliabilityTrust icon


This is perhaps the biggest risk of second hand electric riser recliner chairs: how long will they last? And what happens if they break down? A used riser recliner may appear to be in full working order when you purchase but may have hidden damage or electrical faults. There are many components and fixings in a riser recliner chair frame that are subject to wear and tear over time. Hygiene is also a factor to consider here. We all know how to look for upholstery stains, but a more important factor here is how cleanliness affects the workings of the chair. If fluids get into the frame and/or electrics over a sustained period, they can have a corrosive effect. So, could the used riser recliner you’re looking at have hidden costs?

2. WarrantyWarranty icon


Obviously, you will not get the full warranty period as you would with a new riser recliner. In fact, many manufacturers and/or retailers do not permit the transfer of riser recliner warranties to subsequent owners.

There may be limited or no availability of spare parts if a 2nd hand riser recliner is out of warranty and is several years old. Consider this, as a second hand electric riser recliner has several components, including motor(s), handset and a transformer box.

3. Size/specificationTape measure


Getting the perfect size and specification riser recliner chair may not seem important to you if you’re after a bargain. There are, however, safety implications to remember. For example, if the seat height is too high, your feet won’t maintain contact with the floor as you rise, putting you at risk of falls and making transferring on and off your chair difficult.

4. Speed of purchase and deliverySpeed


You might get lucky and find the perfect used riser recliner chair you can buy and collect in short order. In reality, you may need to spend several weeks keeping an eye on used advert listings to find a suitable model. How much of a problem this may be depends on how quickly you need a riser recliner.

Now, you may be thinking, ‘well I’d have to wait several weeks for a new riser recliner’. This is not the case. Unless you need a made to measure or bespoke riser recliner chair, you can buy an express riser recliner chair like the Ashore Taylor Express and have it delivered near Ipswich, Suffolk within 2 days!

Price vs value of riser recliner chairs


The starting price of a new Ashore Riser Recliner is around £1300. For this, you get a proper assessment of your needs, a top quality, British made riser recliner, and good (old-fashioned!) customer service from enquiry, to purchase and after-care – all with love from a team with 45 years’ experience!

There are companies that charge you up to £4000 for an electric riser recliner chair. The cheapest riser recliner chairs start from around £500, sometimes as low as £350. (In all honesty, we can’t comfortably recommend these ourselves.) An average sales price of a used riser recliner chair on eBay is around £300. While this isn’t necessarily comparing apples with apples, it does show that, if price is your only objective, second hand can be a false economy.

Now, you may be searching for riser recliner chairs for the elderly second hand, thinking you may pick up a bargain and make Dad’s or Mum’s life a bit more comfortable. And if you’re just after an electric armchair for basic or short-term use and/or you can snap up the right thing, this might represent a good deal.

Where you have other needs, or want to make sure you get it right, including if you:

  • want to get the right size;
  • have a long term medical condition or significant health needs;
  • have an abnormal posture or pressure care needs;
  • intend to use the chair for at least a couple of years;

it’s worth asking yourself: it may be initially cheaper to purchase, but is it the best value for money for me?

3 top tips if you’re going to buy a second hand riser recliner chair


If, having read this far, you think a pre-owned riser recliner is the best option for you, here’s our advice to help you get a good buy.

1. Make sure it’s made by a reputable, established brand and purchased from UK stockist

2. Test all functions and inspect the frame and electrics for any obvious wear & tear or damage, and ask for servicing history

3. Ask for relevant paperwork such as an invoice, warranty card and user manual, so you know a) how old it is and b) whether you’re paying a fair price




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