November 8, 2018

The Raizer Surface Challenge

In our last team challenge, the boys took on the girls in a competitive “Raizer race”.

This time, we went bigger. We tasked the team with lifting the Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair on the most challenging surface they could think of. Ideas for surfaces ranged from the cautious (we thought grass was pretty reasonable) to the downright insane (loving your work, Brittany).

And although this was just a bit of fun (we definitely wouldn’t recommend using the Raizer in a ball pit), the Raizer has showcased its ability to lift on a range of tricky surfaces. For example, we’re confident that you could safely lift a fallen person on firm grass or gravel.

But of course, we would always recommend that you carry out a thorough risk assessment before every lift.

You can learn more about the Raizer 2 here.

Many thanks to Play2Day Ipswich for allowing us into their ball pit. We had a blast!

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