March 11, 2022 | Reuben Bush

Webinar Recording | Falls Pathways: How can we Prevent the Revolving Door?

In the UK, falls are the second most common reason for an ambulance call-out. However, due to the pressure on the ambulance services and falls being given low priority, fallers are often left waiting on the floor for an ambulance, sometimes for hours. But what are the consequences of a long lie, both on the patient and on the NHS? And more importantly, how can they be avoided?

Watch this Webinar as we take you through the story of a person who has fallen, showing what happens if there is a quick response, and what happens if there isn’t and the fallen person experiences a long lie. We will then discuss how these consequences can be prevented with a proper system in place to give an appropriate and timely response.

This webinar, complete with a live Q&A, was hosted by Felgains and we were joined by three guest speakers;

  • Dr David Shipway, Consultant Physician & Perioperative Geriatrician at North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Louise Balson, falls and frailty lead at South Western Ambulance Service (SWAST)
  • Amy Hassan, Head of Dorset UCR and formerly an Occupational Therapist in ED


Click here to view Dr David Shipway’s Slides


Click here to view Louise Balson’s Slides


Click here to view the SWAST Post Falls Guidance


Click here to view Amy Hassan’s Slides

Reuben Bush

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