November 1, 2022 | Reuben Bush

Webinar Recording | Going further for winter: How to implement community-based falls response

As winter nears and the situation in emergency care is expected to get even tougher over the coming weeks and months, NHS England have now released their guidelines for ‘going further on winter resilience plans’, setting out what actions ICBs and NHS Trusts should take to make the biggest additional impact in these unprecedented times.

Watch this webianr from Tuesday 1st November as we cover;

  1. Where to implement – how-to and examples
  2. What we offer: lifting equipment and post falls decision support
  3. How we help – implementation support

From this webinar, you will get actionable guidance to help you through the implementation process in your area. We’ll take you through best practices on how you can implement community-based falls response, enabling you to;

  • Better support people in the community
  • Deliver on the NHS’s ambitions to maximise bed capacity and support ambulance services


Click here to view the slides



Reuben Bush

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