April 5, 2019 | Reuben Bush

What should I expect from a Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair demonstration?

Our free no-obligation demonstrations are a brilliant way to experience the Raizer 2 for yourself. Learn how easy it is to operate and feel what it’s like to be lifted from the ground. We promise, it doesn’t feel like other emergency lifting equipment.

How long will the demonstration take?

Demonstrations usually take between 30 minutes to an hour. This depends on how many people want a ‘go’ on the Raizer and how many questions you have. We do feel it’s important that you experience being lifted for yourself – that way, you can make a rounded judgement.

Who do you demonstrate the Raizer to?

There are lots of different individuals and organisations that benefit from the Raizer, including:

  • care homes
  • assisted living residences
  • domiciliary care agencies
  • telecare agencies
  • hospitals
  • ambulance services
  • community first response teams
  • private individuals

Learn more about the Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair

We’re happy to demonstrate to as many or few people as you like. It can be just yourself or the whole team. If you’re a care home or assisted living residence, we can also lift any willing residents to see how they like it.

If you’re a private individual or family, we can demonstrate in your own home, to the intended user plus relatives or an Occupational Therapist.

Plus, if the Raizer is intended for a single user, we’ll be able to assess the suitability of the chair by body shape and capability of possible responders (for example, a spouse or neighbour). And of course, the intended user can have a feel of what it’s like to be lifted.

Who’ll be demonstrating the Raizer?

We have three product experts who demonstrate the Raizer: Harvey, Sam and Harry. We’ll tell you who to expect when we book your appointment. This will depend on whereabouts you are and who’s available.

Whereabouts in the country do you demonstrate?

There are two licensed suppliers of the Raizer in the UK. Here at Felgains, we look after Wales, southern England and parts of the Midlands. And our Raizer experts Sam, Harvey and Harry certainly aren’t afraid of travel. In fact, if you happen to be perched on the Cornish Coast or nestled in the Welsh hills, there might be a fight over who gets to visit you…

Do get in touch to see if we cover your area. If not, we can always give you the details of the northern supplier.

Request a demonstration of the Raizer now.


Reuben Bush

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