Access BDD HomeGlide Stairlift for Straight Stairs

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  • HomeGlide Stairlift
  • HomeGlide Stairlift

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The Access BDD HomeGlide Stairlift for Straight Stairs combines a simple and attractive design with robust quality and reliability. 

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Product Information

  • The Access BDD HomeGlide Stairlift for Straight Stairs combines a simple and attractive design with robust quality and reliability. This item is kept in stock for swift delivery and installation (East Anglia only – get in touch to check whether your address is within our delivery range – 01473 741 144).

    Slim Rail

    The aluminium rail has a slim design giving a modern and clean look. The HomeGlide is fitted onto your staircase and not your wall. This allows the lift to be installed quickly, efficiently and with minimal disruption to your home. Engineered with modern manufacturing techniques and technology, the HomeGlide stairlift range can be fitted to almost all straight staircases as narrow as 740mm (29”).


    A retractable seatbelt keeps you secure while using your HomeGlide stairlift. The integrated sensor ensures the seatbelt is fastened securely before travel, and the stainless steel buckle is designed to be operated with just one hand.


    With a comfortable soft-touch grip, the integrated joystick is user-friendly and requires minimal effort to take you up and down your staircase with ease.

    Folding Rail

    If you have an obstruction at the foot of the staircase, you can choose to have an automatically powered hinge installed. Once you have used your stairlift the lower section of the rail will fold away, leaving the bottom of your staircase clear.

    And more!

    • Safety features include an anti-entrapment sensor, which will detect if small items or clothing becomes entwined in the mechanism
    • Battery operation allows the stairlift to be used in a power cut
    • Emergency lowering function


    • Powered seat swivel for easy access off the stairlift
    • Powered hinged track to avoid conflict with doorways, if necessary
    • Choice of joystick controls
    • Call device
    • Outdoor version available
    • Weight capacity: 160kg (25st) at max 45° or 136kg (21st) at max 53° 145kg (22st) with hinge
    • Batteries: 2 x 12V, 7Ah (indoor)
    • Staircase incline: 28° up to 53° (up to 45° for use in 160kg range)

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