Ashore Porter Riser Recliner Chair

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£3,310.80 Inc. VAT

The Ashore Porter Riser Recliner Chair is a dual tilt-in-space rise and recline chair that maximises the posture and pressure care options for caregivers, with an independent backrest and leg rest movement, as well as a rise function to help with standing transfers.

Key Features

  • Fully mobile riser recliner chair with heavy-duty castors and a push handle for easy transport from room to room
  • Memory foam chaise for support when seated
  • Removable back and seat cushions for easy cleaning
  • Customisable to different or changing needs with interchangeable cushions
  • Healthcare fabric with vapour-permeable, multi-way stretch fabric to contact areas

Product Information

    • Dual TIS action
    • 3 Standard Sizes (with adjustment options)
    • 3 Backrest Styles
    • 5 Pressure Relief Seat Options
  • Waterfall
    Three fibre-filled cushions, each adjustable for maximum postural support. Helpful if you have mild kyphosis, scoliosis or reduced muscle mass.

    Profile Waterfall (with large headrest)
    This waterfall back option gives you soft and adjustable lumbar support and adds a profiled headrest which comfortably conforms to your head and shoulders, ideal if you have limited head or neck control.

    Double Lateral
    Deep contoured cushions give more lateral support for improved comfort and positioning. Helpful for painful joints and conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Ehlers-Danlos syndrome or neurological conditions.

    • Single TIS Motor
    • Dual Motor
    • Dual TIS Motor

    VAL Technology

    An optional mechanism under the chair means you can adjust the rise angle to 10º, 20º or 30º. The higher the angle the lower the front of the chair, which can be really helpful if you have difficulty bending your hips or knees. Variable Angle Lift can also be helpful if you need to use a hoist or stand aid to transfer from your chair.

  • Visco Seating
    This option offers a high-density foam base with a top layer of memory foam to allow immersion into the cushion, giving stability and a large surface area to reduce pressure levels.

    Coolgel Seating
    This option uses the latest medical grade silicone gel technology allowing pressure to be evenly distributed. The gel conforms to the shape of the body and equalises to body temperature. The gel cells allow air to flow easily.

    Profile Coolgel Seating
    The profile version of the Coolgel cushion provides a pommel for extra support and stability if you have weak trunk or lower limb muscles, or you’re prone to sliding forward in your chair.

    Manual Air Seating
    This offers three manual air cushions under a layer of memory foam, giving you the benefits of an air cushion without the sensation of alternating changes in air pressure.

    Dynamic Air Seating
    This is an alternating air cushion, which constantly changes the air levels within its air cells to recreate the effect of normal body movements, providing excellent pressure redistribution.

    • Seat depth adjusters
    • Carer control
    • Range of headrests
    • Arm caps
    • Handset loop
    • Sliding footplate
    • Multi-use battery back-up
    • Accupak wireless operation
    • 5 year deluxe warranty
  • Dimension




    Seat height

    480 mm/19 inches

    480 mm/19 inches

    480 mm/19 inches

    Seat width

    460 mm/18 inches

    520 mm/20 inches

    550 mm/22 inches

    Seat depth

    520 mm/20 inches

    520 mm/20 inches

    520 mm/20 inches

    Max user weight

    130 kg/20 stone

    130 kg/20 stone

    130 kg/20 stone


    2 years

    2 years

    2 years

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