Inflatable Bathing Cushion


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The Bathing Cushion is designed to allow the user to lie right down in the bottom of the bath, with the option of leaving the cushion semi-inflated for comfort and support. Once the cushion is semi-inflated, the hand control is used to deflate the cushion, gently lowering the user into the water. It weighs just 2kgs, making it exceptionally light and portable.

With it being battery operated, you don’t need to worry about any electrical cables in the bathroom. The cushion has an in-built safety feature that means it won’t operate if there isn’t enough charge left to reinflate the cushion after it’s been deflated.

There are strong suckers on the base which hold it in position while in use, but will also allow for it to be installed and removed with ease.

Product Information


    Height: 400 mm / 15 inches
    Length: 440 mm / 17 inches
    Width: 580 mm / 23 inches
    Backrest width: 540 mm / 21¼ inches
    Backrest depth: 330 mm / 13 inches
    Total cushion weight: 2 kg / 4.5 lb
    Weight of airflow compressor: 3.7 kg / 8 lb
    Maximum user weight: 150 kg / 24 stone


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