Integralift Overbed Bed Patient Hoist

Key benefits:

  • Its discreet appearance is combined with high quality engineering, offering reliability and longevity as well as stunning looks.
  • The storage unit is highly configurable and available in a range of decors and designs. For hospitals and hospices, a wide range of services can be integrated within the cabinetry (see options). It’s also excellent for infection control and be configured with a full thickness laminate finish.
  • For domestic dwellings, the Integralift provides a method of hoisting that doesn’t detract from the homely environment. Installation is simple so the Integralift can be fitted in different property types and disruption to your home is kept to a minimum.
  • Operation of the hoist is very user friendly – simple, convenient and smooth. Patient transfers are very efficient – the hoist and sling are always right there when you need it.

The Integralift is an innovative patient hoist solution for transfers to and from the bed – it remains hidden when it’s not in use! It simply folds away into a dedicated storage cabinet, providing an aesthetically pleasing alternative where a more complex ceiling track system is not needed.

  • Left or right hand versions
  • A huge range of services can be integrated including sockets, lockable drugs cabinets, oxygen, nurse call systems and ward screens – please contact us to discuss the full range of options
  • Design customisations including wood décor and colour, lighting and handle options
Technical information

SWL: 230kg/36 stone
Diameter of range: 3 metres
Warranty: 2 years

Safety features:

  • Padded spreader bar
  • Webbed hoist strap
  • Emergency stop and lowering
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