Tube 125 Pressure Relief Positioning Cushion


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The LEJRELET Tube 125 pressure relief cushion is 125cm in length.

Key Features

  • The LEJRELET Tube 125 is filled with pressure-relieving viscoelastic foam granules, unlike many other positioning cushions. This also makes it very stable and easy to shape – and the filling stays in place.
  • In addition to superior pressure relief, it is extremely comfortable and supportive. It works well for a number of care needs, including with children and those with amputations that require support. It can also be moulded to provide excellent support for people who suffer with strong contractions.
  • It is very versatile and can be used in a variety of positioning techniques (see diagrams for examples).

Product Information

  • The LEJRELET Tube 125 pressure relief cushion is 125cm in length (hence the name). A shorter and lighter variant of the 250cm cushion, the Tube 125 offers excellent pliability and usability in a variety of situations. This pressure cushion can easily be folded and moulded into a shape that offers great support, as well as supporting the body in a lateral position. The Tube 125 can provide support for legs and forearms in a sitting position, as well as creating stable lateral positions. The Tube 250 can also be used in a chair as well as on the bed. Like the Tube 250, the Tube 125 is made of shredded viscoelastic memory foam, meaning that it can be moulded to the body shape of the individual without the contents migrating away from the contact points.



  • Fabric:

    The fabric has been carefully chosen to be comfortable against the skin and to make sure it will not slide against sheets. It is two-way stretchable so the viscoelastic foam can be most effective. It also has the following properties:

    • waterproof
    • vapour-permeable
    • anti-bacterial
    • biocompatible
    • Oeko-Tex, class 4
    • Fire-retardant to Crib 5


    The LEJRELET Tube 125 is filled with 100% viscoelastic foam, providing a large support surface with excellent pressure relief and comfort.

    Washing & Cleaning:

    The LEJRELET Tube 125 can be wiped with mild soap and disinfectant fluids.

    Dimensions: 125 cm long x 24 cm circumference

    Weight: 2,350g

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