VENDLET V5S Patient Turning System

Key benefits:

  • Patient Comfort & Tissue ViabilityWhen the VENDLET V5S turn aid is used, shear and friction are virtually eliminated with dramatic improvements to tissue viability.
  • Single-Handed CareThe VENDLET can in many situations turn a ‘double-up’ care scenario into a situation where one caregiver can comfortably administer the needed care.
  • Work Health and Safety – ‘shift not lift’When using VENDLET, care givers are spared the physical strain and heavy lifting when handling clients in bed.

Reduce care packages for maximum cost efficiency

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'...the carers reported that for the first time in ten years she did not call out or say a word (we even rolled her to prone lying)...' Janet A, Occupational Therapist

The VENDLET patient turn aid is an award-winning system for moving and handling patients in bed. Developed by a physiotherapist, the VENDLET is mounted on a profiling bed and uses two motorised roller bars with a slide sheet and turning sheet to gently turn or reposition a patient.

Commonly used by just one caregiver, uses of the VENDLET patient turner include:

  • Turning a patient from side to side into lateral, prone or supine positions.
  • Repositioning a patient back up the bed where they have slipped down.
  • Applying a sling or changing an incontinence product.

Patient Comfort & Tissue Viability

When the VENDLET V5S turn aid is used, the patient or service user experiences turning as a more consistent, calm and comfortable procedure. Shear and friction are virtually eliminated with dramatic improvements to tissue viability.

Single-Handed Care

Single handed-care and reduced care handling are big subjects in healthcare today, where resources and budgets are becoming increasingly stretched due to our aging population and increasing complex care situations. The VENDLET can in many situations turn a ‘double-up’ care scenario into a situation where one caregiver can comfortably administer the needed care. Reducing care visits to a service user doesn’t just free up time; care is also less intrusive and family carers can remain involved.

Work Health and Safety – ‘shift not lift’

Whether it be in an individual home, hospital or care home, patient repositioning has traditionally involved a great deal of manual handling. When using VENDLET, care givers are spared the physical strain and heavy lifting when handling clients in bed. Potential muscular-skeletal injuries are minimised with significant savings in cost and inconvenience.

What makes the VENDLET V5S unique?

  • You can operate the VENDLET V5S turning aid from one side of the bed; there is no need to move furniture (or even the bed) to the middle of the room.
  • The VENDLET V5S has integral siderails and fully conforms to IEC 60601-2-52. There is no need to add any additional plastic sideguards once repositioning is completed.
  • The VENDLET V5S also features a speed-adjustment function on the hand control, particularly beneficial for patients with neurological conditions or chronic pain.
  • A plus-size (bariatric) model, the VENDLET V5S+, is available for patients up to 400kg (63 stone).
  • The VENDLET V5S complies to all anti-entrapment regulations and with MDD 93/42/EEC.
  • The functionality of the VENDLET V5S can be further enhanced with the complementary range of LEJRELET Positioning Cushions.

If you have any questions at all or would like to talk through options available, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Technical information

SWL (standard): 200kg/31 stone
SWL (plus size): 400kg/63 stone
Warranty: 1 year


Is the VENDLET a bed?
No, the VENDLET is a bed positioning aid. Comprising of a set of roller bars, a slide sheet and a turning sheet, the VENDLET fits onto a profiling bed and is used to turn or reposition a patient via a handcontrol.

Will the VENDLET V5S fit all beds?
The VENDLET system is easy to integrate with existing care packages and will fit to most profiling nursing care beds.

Does the VENDLET V5S prevent the profiling action of the bed from being used?
No, full functionality of the profiling bed is retained.

Can the VENDLET V5S be used on an air mattress?
Yes, it compatible with all mattresses and does not have a negative impact on interface pressure.

Are there alternatives to outright purchase of the VENDLET V5S?
Yes, 3- and 5-year leases are available as an alternative to outright purchase or rental.

How can I calculate cost savings?
You can work out the potential sum you could save by reducing a care package by using our online cost calculator. This can be submitted as part of a business case.

What sheets are included with the VENDLET?
You will receive three cotton turn sheets and two nylon slide sheets. Disposable sheets are also available in boxes of 10.

Does the patient sleep on the VENDLET sheet?
Yes, the patient sleeps on the turn sheet. It is important that the sheet is always slackened before leaving the patient, to ensure free movement of the sheet and to eliminate potential shear and friction.

Can the sheets be washed?
Yes, the turning sheets are washable at 95° and can be tumble-dried. The slide sheet is also washable at 60°. Where required, disposable sheets are also available.

How do I change the sheet when the client is in bed?
The turn sheet is attached to the roller bar with Velcro. By fully unwinding the sheet on one side of the bed you can tuck the used sheet underneath the patient. Then, by applying a new sheet to the same side, you can use the VENDLET to turn the patient and remove the used sheet and attach the clean sheet in its place.

How is incontinence managed?
There are disposable slide and turn sheets available for the VENDLET system. Alternatively, the Inkolet is a very large, highly absorbent incontinence sheet that works well with the VENDLET. It eliminates the need for several sheets, comfortably covering the full width of a standard bed.

How does the trial period work?
The trial period is completely free of charge and the VENDLET is typically installed for a week. Providing the trial is successful, the VENDLET can remain in place. Alternatively, we will remove the VENDLET free of charge.

Do you offer training for carers?
Yes, we offer full training sessions with our in-house physiotherapist for any carers involved at no cost. Once the initial training is complete, we remain on hand to answer any questions or queries that may arise; just email and we will be in touch with you.

How does the installation work?
For installation, it is necessary for the bed to be unoccupied. Installation normally takes up to an hour and half, followed by an hour’s training session.

Can the VENDLET be used for multiple users and is it easily transferred?
The VENDLET can be used for multiple users and there are disposable sheets available. The VENDLET can be transferred between beds; this takes around 1 hour 30 minutes to complete.

How can the client be moved back up the bed using the VENDLET?
By slackening the sheet on both sides of the bed you can use the hand control to move the patient back up the bed. Simply guide the sheet onto the rollers, each side in turn, and the patient gently moves back up the bed.

Do you offer extended warranties/service contracts?
We offer a 5-year Service Contract on the VENDLET system which includes 5 annual services.

Can the VENDLET be fitted to a wide bed?
Yes, the VENDLET can be fitted to a wide bed.

Knowledge & Resource Base

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