October 25, 2017

Hammerton Court Dementia Intensive Care Unit, Norfolk

Care Environment: Professional Care
Client: Norfolk & Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust
Location: Felixstowe, Suffolk

The Norfolk and Waveney Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust has invested £13.7 million to construct this world-leading 36-bed Dementia Intensive Care Unit (DICU), acknowledging the rapidly rising need for top-class dementia care services as our population ages.

The DICU is for those patients with the most intensive and distressed care needs that cannot be managed initially in specialist nursing care provision. Dementia costs the UK economy £17 billion per annum, and in the next 30 years the number of people with dementia in the UK will double to 1.4 million, with costs trebling to more than £50 billion per annum.

Following extensive consultation, Felgains were selected to provide the necessary care equipment for this project. Working closely with the Design Team, Felgains specified, supplied and installed ceiling track hoist systems, height adjustable baths and specialist seating.

A welcoming environment, the layout and interior décor of the DICU has been designed to maximise natural light and open space, whilst the building has green credentials with its grass roof and low energy consumption. Bedrooms, designed to look like a real home rather than a clinical institution, are based around courtyard gardens, containing outdoor memory prompts to stimulate patients, and trigger memories of Norfolk seascapes, history and countryside.
Focus on overhead hoisting
The Robin overhead hoist was chosen due to its unique twin-tape design which means that no spreader bar is required. This removes the risks to dementia sufferers associated with a traditional spreader bar.

Robin overhead hoist systems were installed in the gymnasium, bedrooms, ensuites and bathrooms.
The project team at Felgains drew on a wealth of product knowledge and experience to design the tracking layouts with the aid of CAD (Computer Aided Design). Several installation challenges were overcome during the process including varying ceiling heights, light beams and complex ceiling structures. Particular attention was paid to ensure that the care equipment did not detract from the homely environment.
The result
A combination of a welcoming environment, a layout that maximises light and open space and high quality care equipment have created a centre built for success.

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