April 9, 2019

Home Instead Senior Care, The Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair

Home Instead Senior Care provide care in the community for older people in their own homes. Their East Devon branch have recently celebrated being rated ‘Outstanding’ for a second time by the Care Quality Commission, and their use of the Raizer 2 Emergency Lifting Chair to respond to falls was praised as “innovative” by the inspector.

The organisation have been using the Raizer since 2018 to minimise the amount of time their clients spend on the floor following a non-injury fall.

Vanessa McGlade, Director at Home Instead East Devon said, “the Raizer we bought from Felgains has been invaluable supporting clients who experience non-injury falls. With the Raizer we are able to respond to emergency situations immediately and assist the client to their feet with dignity and surety.

“The chair has proved itself time and time again, negating the need for clients and care staff to wait for ambulance crews to arrive.  We were thrilled to be awarded a 5 Star Outstanding Rating in our most recent CQC Inspection, the Inspector was particularly impressed with the Raizer Chair deeming it innovative in the Safe category of inspection”.

The CQC report described the Raizer as an “innovative mobile lifting chair” which Home Instead carers were using “to help people up when they had fallen off the floor, which prevented unnecessary admissions to hospital.”

In the “Safety” section of the report, the inspector elaborated:

“In 2018, the provider identified a further innovative way to further reduce risks following falls, when staff attended a local NHS ambulance trust falls prevention training event. They were made aware of and purchased a battery operated mobile lifting chair used to get people who had fallen up off the floor. They arranged for ambulance service staff to train the registered manager, care supervisors, and office staff to use it. A falls risk assessment tool was used to confirm the person who fell was unhurt before moving them using the chair. This meant people’s health didn’t deteriorate by lying on the floor for hours waiting for an ambulance. This significantly reduced risk of people being admitted to hospital following falls, because agency staff could respond quickly to such emergencies.

“For example, the day before the inspection, care staff contacted the office to say when they arrived for their visit they found a person who had fallen when their legs had given way. The person was unable to get up, so two staff were sent from the office with the lifting chair. They had the person up from the floor and in bed within 15 minutes. Prior to using the chair, they had carried out an assessment to confirm the person was unhurt and could be safely moved. The ambulance trainer said, “Staff were really involved and engaged.

“They implemented the risk assessment tool, and bought the chair, which was a big investment. It was innovative for a domiciliary care agency to take on that.”

If you have any questions about the Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair, or would like to request a free demonstration, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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