October 8, 2021

How the VENDLET prevented an increase in care package costs – Thurrock Council

Thurrock Borough Council has introduced a VENDLET Patient Turning System to a client’s care package. The VENDLET was installed with the aim of preventing a client’s care package increasing from two carers to three.

Following a trial period during the summer of 2021, the VENDLET was implemented on a permanent basis. This successfully avoided the logistical and financial challenges associated with assigning an additional carer. The system has also empowered carers to complete tasks more quickly, as well as providing a more dignified “hands-off” approach for the client.

Josie Bigden – Senior Occupational Therapist for Thurrock Borough Council – was the healthcare professional tasked with finding the solution. The service user in question had received a diagnosis of dementia, was suffering with extreme anxiety, and was exhibiting verbal aggression when receiving transfer support on the bed – particularly when being turned.

The client’s larger hip width provided further challenges for the carers, who were also contending with a very small working environment.

All of these difficulties combined meant that carrying out care tasks with just two people had become almost impossible. Josie’s objective was therefore to find a solution that would help make delivering care easier. However, the obvious solution of an extra pair of hands would not only have financial implications, but would have also exacerbated the client’s anxiety, which Josie was also attempting to ease.

Josie therefore turned to equipment solutions, first experimenting with a Wendylett and Handicare top sheet. After these solutions proved unsuccessful, she approached Felgains to discuss whether a VENDLET Patient Turning System could be the answer.


The VENDLET has succeeded in limiting the number of carers needed to perform care tasks to two. With the help of the VENDLET, the carers are also completing care tasks more quickly. This has helped to reduce the client’s anxiety and minimise challenging behaviour.

Josie and the carers have also found the VENDLET to be extremely helpful when fitting slings for bariatric service users who are in bed, as it removes the need for manual handling and physical effort, making it easier to fit slings correctly.

Josie and her team were also impressed with the “ease of use” and quick installation. The VENDLET may seem like a complicated concept at first, but with a training session and a bit of practise, it is easy to use.

Financial savings

Adding an additional carer to the client’s care package would have cost Thurrock Borough Council approximately £227.50 per week. 

The total cost of the VENDLET was £6894.

This means that by avoiding the need for an additional carer, the VENDLET will have paid for itself within 31 weeks. And in the first 12-month period the VENDLET is in place, even taking into account the initial investment, the council will have saved £4,777.50. If we look at this over a 5 year period, the council will save a rather significant £47,797.50 on this care package.

And more importantly, because of Josie’s focus on patient-centred care, the client is experiencing less anxiety during care visits and is enjoying a higher level of dignity.

Could the VENDLET help reduce your care packages?

To find out how the VENDLET patient turning systems could help your organisation save money on care packages whilst improving dignity and quality in care, please call us to discuss your requirements or arrange a free no-obligation 2 week trial.


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