February 24, 2022

Reducing the Cost of a Complex Care Package with the VENDLET V5S while boosting Quality of Care – a Case Study with Thurrock Borough Council

Case study at a Glance

By implementing the VENDLET V5S Patient Turning System into a client’s care package. Thurrock Borough Council were able to prevent the care package going up from 2 to 3 carers – despite the client’s deteriorating medical condition – by empowering the carers to carry out care tasks quicker and with less effort.

The Challenge: Difficult Working Conditions and Client Anxiety

Josie Bigden – Senior Occupational Therapist for Thurrock Borough Council – was the healthcare professional tasked with finding the solution.

The client had received a diagnosis of dementia which was affecting their ability to process information and communicate. As a result, they were suffering with extreme anxiety and exhibiting verbal aggression when receiving transfer support on the bed – particularly when being turned. The client’s larger hip width also provided further challenges for the carers when trying to perform as it was difficult to keep the service user straight during a turn.

Added to this, the carers were contending with a very small working environment, making it difficult to get around the bed to perform manual handling tasks. All of these difficulties combined made the carers’ task very challenging and intimidating, such that carrying out care tasks with just two people had become almost impossible.

The seemingly obvious solution of assigning an additional carer would not only have logistical challenges but would also have financial implications and exacerbate the client’s anxiety.

Josie’s objective was therefore to find a solution that would help make delivering care easier, so she turned to equipment solutions. First, she experimented with a Wendylett and Handicare top sheet. However, these proved unsuccessful, as they did not give the existing 2 carers enough assistance to prevent the need for a 3rd carer.


The Solution: Implementing the VENDLET Patient Turning System

The VENDLET Patient Turning System was installed for a free 2 week trial (as is Felgains standard practise) and then implemented on a permanent basis. As a mechanised system, the VENDLET gave the carers the assistance they needed.

What is the VENDLET?

The VENDLET is an innovative patient turning system that is revolutionising how caregivers carry out in-bed moving & handling tasks for those with limited mobility. At the touch of a button, the VENDLET system allows just one caregiver to reposition a client in bed – with minimal manual handling effort.

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The Impact and Results: Reduced Anxiety and Keeping the Care Package to 2 Carers

The system has avoided the logistical and financial challenges associated with assigning an additional carer, as the existing 2 carers can now carry out all of the care tasks sufficiently themselves.

The system has also empowered the carers to complete tasks more quickly, helping to reduce the client’s anxiety and minimise any challenging behaviour. The mechanical assistance of the VENDLET system has also helped the carers with a more “hands-off” approach – which is less intrusive and more dignified for the client – again reducing their anxiety.

As the VENDLET is operable from one side of the bed, the carers now have more space around the bed to perform moving and handling tasks, improving their working conditions. And because they have a mechanised system to carry out the turn, it is much easier to keep the client straight during manoeuvres.

Josie and the carers have also found the VENDLET to be extremely helpful when fitting slings under the client in bed. By removing the need for manual handling and physical effort, it is significantly easier to fit slings correctly. Josie and her team were also impressed with the “ease of use” and quick installation by Felgains.


The Cost Savings

  • Adding a third carer to the client’s care package would have cost Thurrock Borough Council £227.50 per week
  • By avoiding the need for an additional carer, the VENDLET will have paid for itself within 31 weeks
  • in the first 12-months the VENDLET is in place – taking into account the initial investment – the council will have saved £4,777.50
  • Over a 5 year period, the council will save a rather significant £47,797.50 on this care package

And more importantly, because of Josie’s focus on patient-centred care, the client is experiencing less anxiety during care visits and is enjoying a higher level of dignity.


How much could you save on your Care Packages?

See for yourself how much you could save on your care packages by implementing the VENDLET patient turning system with our Cost Benefit Calculator.

Simply input your current details and the calculator will determine your projected savings and ROI. You can then download this in a helpful PDF.

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Learnings and conclusions

By implementing the VENDLET Patient Turning System, Josie and Thurrock Borough Council were able to;

  1. Avoid the logistical challenges associated with assigning an additional carer
  2. Carry out care tasks faster and with a more hands-off approach – reducing the client’s anxiety.
  3. Make better use of the space in the room by putting the VENDLET against one of the walls
  4. Fit slings correctly
  5. Save £227.50 per week in carer costs, whilst delivering better care


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