March 29, 2021

Using the VENDLET V5S to increase care package efficiency and productivity – Southwark Council

Case Study at a glance

In this situation, implementing the VENDLET System into Jenny’s care package enabled reduction of the care package from 3 carers down to 2. It helped ease the care agency’s challenge of organising carers at the right time, and allowed the carers to achieve more in the allotted care time. It also allowed Jenny’s informal carer to carry out some tasks single-handedly.


Medical history and background

Jenny* has spinal stenosis and has had a Cerebrovascular accident (stroke). She weighs 109kg / 17 stone and is 5’ 2” tall. Jenny is bed-bound due to her immobility, and she is unable to assist her carers. Her size and weight and a lack of turning and circulation space where her bed is located provided additional challenges for her carers.

*name changed for privacy


Reason for the referral

Jenny’s formal carers were unable to manage washing and dressing, and 3 carers were required for a 15-minute portion of each of the 4 daily visits. This became complicated for the care agency to orchestrate.

A variety of slide sheets and turning systems had been trialled without success. After a hospital admission, the care agency terminated their provision of care due to the high physical strain on the individual carers.

It was decided that a VENDLET V5S Patient Turning System should be installed, so there was a short delay on the hospital discharge so the system could be installed.


The solution

After installation of the VENDLET and provision of training on the system, the care package was reduced to 2 carers per visit to manage personal care. This was based on the recommendation of the formal carers, who found the VENDLET intuitive to use. Also, Jenny’s informal carer (her daughter) was able to manage single-handed care of her mother.

Due to the ease with which the sling could be inserted under Jenny, the VENDLET created the potential for carers to use the 4 point gantry system and facilitate transfers to both a riser recliner chair and a shower chair. 

The installation of the VENDLET meant that Jenny did not have to remain in bed all day. 

  1. It improved the ability of her daughter and carer to take her to the level access shower and manage personal hygiene more effectively.
  2. She could take her meals sitting out in the riser recliner chair, rather than having to eat in bed.


The Cost Savings

Initial cost: 21 carer hours a week -£566.58 per week

Following hospital admission and decline in mobility: 68.25 hours + 9.75hours (triple handed recommended) – £920.69 per week

Following the installation of the VENDLET: care package down to 56 hours per week: £755.44 per week.

Not only was there a saving in care cost of £165.25 per week, but the carers were also able to facilitate a lot more activity in the time allocated, which was previously monopolised by bed mobility moving and handling.

Based on this specific system costing £7,092.00, the VENDLET V5S paid for itself in just 43 weeks.



It was agreed and approved that The VENDLET turning system enabled the reduction of the number of carers from 5 to 3, and then down to just 2 – whilst increasing both the safety of the carers and Mary’s comfort.


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