March 29, 2021

Using the VENDLET V5S to reduce a care package from 43 to 37 hours per week – Southwark Council

Case Study at a glance

In this situation, implementing the VENDLET enabled the reduction of Bill’s care package from 43 hours to 37 hours per week, whilst enabling both his formal and informal carers to carry out moving & handling tasks quicker and with less stress.


Medical history and background

Bill* has advanced dementia. He is 5’ 10” tall and weighs 12 stone. He has low muscle tone, and is very heavy to turn in bed. He is currently bed bound

*name changed for privacy


Reason for the referral

Bill has a double-handed care package which included 3 visits a day. The carers were not always arriving together. Bill was unable to assist with positioning of his arms or legs as he had very low tone and he was very heavy to mobilise. A mobile hoist and slide sheets were in place but the carers were complaining of back and joint pain. There was also a poor relationship between the carers and the client’s next of kin (NOK). There was also a lack of acknowledgement of the strain that the carers were experiencing and there was a very stressful atmosphere when the carers were present with Bill.

Many planned adaptations (through floor lift and ceiling tracking on the upper and lower floors) were on hold due to structural problems with the house, but without the mechanism to make the initial insertion of the sling and enable repositioning and transfers from the bed to the wheelchair the adaptations were going to be waste of time and resources.

The VENDLET V5S Patient Turning System was installed. The LEJRELET Bed Cushion System was also trialled and then purchased.


The solution

The VENDLET vastly improved Bill’s quality of life. It facilitated all the transfers and positioning and provided a workable solution to enable him to benefit from the adaptations that were installed shortly after the installation. The VENDLET also enabled him to improve personal care by enabling carers to take him to the bathroom.

Bill’s informal carers were also able to manage moving and handling tasks single-handedly, and the strain on the formal carers joints and backs was reduced.


The Cost Savings

Initial carer time before installation: 43 hours per week

Carer time after installation: 37 hours per week

This is a saving of 6 hours per week



This improved situation would not have been possible without the implementation of the VENDLET V5S to assist with bed positioning and insertion of the sling. It provided a means to implement a holistic solution that improved Bill’s care whilst making the task easier for both his formal and informal carers.


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