October 3, 2018

West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust, Raizer Emergency Lifting Chair

Dale Boustead, Moving and Handling Advisor at the West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust had this to say following their implementation:

“We were impressed by the simplicity, ease of use, clever design and battery life of the Raizers. Thankfully, we’re lucky enough to have a hospital charity that set about fundraising for us. This allowed us to invest in a lifting chair that would not only benefit our patients, but staff as well.

The Raizers are used for patients who have fallen, are assessed and have no injury. Initially the first Raizer was used as a shared device, managed by the portering team, and was delivered to the wards as required. It was kept in a trolley as part of a ‘falls kit’, which worked well, but once word spread, more areas were interested in using it.

Now the Trust has five Raizers strategically located on wards; having multiple Raizers means there is always one close to hand, so if needed they can be collected quickly. Staff like them and are keen to use them, as they’re very simple to manoeuvre.”

Find out more about the Raizer 2 lifting chair here

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