June 26, 2023 | Terry Smith

6 of your most common questions about the Felgains Bed Movers, answered

In this article, we will endeavour to answer 6 of the most common questions we receive about the Felgains Bed & Stretcher Movers.

If you would prefer to watch a video answering these questions, the below video is for you:

1. How do I know if my beds and stretchers are compatible?

Unfortunately, this isn’t a simple yes or no answer, as beds vary a lot depending on the manufacturer and there is a lot to consider.

However, we have compiled a list of compatible beds for you here on our website, to make it easy for you to check the compatibility of the beds at your site. You can view the compatibility list here*.

Whilst this chart should give you a pretty good idea if your beds are compatible, if you are unsure we are more than happy to talk this through with you, and we also offer free site audits to check your beds. To request this, feel free to get in touch via the form at the bottom of this page, or via 01473 741144.

*This will be kept updated as we test the bed movers with more models of beds and stretchers on the UK market.


2. How long does it take to attach?  How quick and easy is it to use?

To attach the bed mover, it’s simply a case of wheeling it up to the end of the bed or stretcher, attaching it to the frame and then you’re ready to use the bed mover to transport the bed.

Attaching the bed movers to the bed or stretcher is a toolless operation, so your portering team won’t need to carry around any specialist tools with them.

The speed of attachment depends on which hitch you choose for your beds. The flex hitch takes approximately 40 seconds to attach, and the auto-gripper hitch takes approximately 20 seconds to attach.

You can specify either hitch with whichever model of bed mover you buy, depending on the makes and models of the beds and stretchers on your site. 


3. What weight can the bed movers push? What max gradient can they operate at?

The safe working load depends on which model of bed mover you choose:

The Felgains Bed Movers are built to not only push and pull to at least that weight but to also bring the bed to a stop safely at that weight, even on gradients of up to 6%.


4. How long does the battery last? How long do they take to charge?

The GZ10SL and GZS have 2 12V-33Ah rechargeable batteries, with a 24V smart charger, whilst the GZ Bari has 4 12V-33Ah rechargeable batteries, with a 48V smart charger.

On a full charge, the batteries last 9 hours of usage

Obviously, this will vary slightly depending on any slopes you have in your hospital and what temperatures you are operating in, but this should give a good guide.

From completely empty, the batteries will take up to 6 hours to fully charge.


5. How much does a bed mover cost?

Exactly how much the Felgains Bed Movers cost depends on which model you choose, but for a rough guide, the Bed Movers cost between £12,000-£18,000. 

We have a separate video and article that explain the cost of each model, and what affects this cost, such as servicing and maintenance. 


6. Why is using a bed mover better than having 2 porters pushing a bed?

Whilst using a bed mover isn’t necessarily faster than using 2 porters, it is all about safety.

By using a bed mover, you can significantly reduce the strain on portering staff, thus reducing the risk of MSIs and staff going off work with injuries.

A powered bed mover allows just 1 porter to move a bed safely and efficiently, allowing portering teams to make better and more efficient use of their resources.

Features like auto braking on gradients and the ‘back off’ anti-entrapment bar on the control panel ensure your porters are safe from injury at all times.


I trust this article has answered your most common questions on the Felgains bed and Stretcher Mover range, and has given you a good overview of how they may be able to help you and your trust.

If we’ve missed your question, feel free to reach out on 01473 741144 or via the contact form below. 



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