Bed & Stretcher Movers

How do you manage bed and stretcher moving in a way that is time efficient and avoids MSI’s for staff? Reduce Musculoskeletal Injuries (MSI’s) and improve efficiency when moving beds and stretchers around your hospital with the Felgains Bed & Stretcher Mover range.

The average hospital bed or stretcher weighs in the region of 150kg. Add an average patient weight of 78kg, and this means that porters are pushing approximately 228kg when moving a bed or trolley around the hospital. When you consider the average hospital in the UK moves hospital beds hundreds of times per day, the obvious strain of this can cause MSI’s amongst the portering staff.

Time cost and inefficiencies
To combat this risk of MSI’s, portering staff will often be needed to double up when moving beds and stretchers around the hospital. This has a negative impact on portering resource and time.

The Felgains Bed & Stretcher Mover Range
The Felgains Bed Mover range enables the portering team to safely and efficiently transport beds and trolleys around the hospital with less resource. These bed movers attach to the bed frame, and are compatible with the vast majority of NHS beds and stretchers. They enable time savings and improved ergonomics for the portering staff.

The powerdrive is positioned under the middle of the bed or stretcher. This effectively creates a powered 5th wheel that allows the bed to be turned on its axis in tight spaces and steered intuitively – removing the manoeuvrability challenges associated with traditional powered bed movers.

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