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8 Common Questions Answered About The Stride Pro Concealment Trolley

In this article, we will endeavour to answer the most common questions we receive about the Felgains Stride Pro Concealment Trolley.

Prefer to watch a video answering the questions? You can watch the video below.

Firstly, what is the Stride Concealment Trolley and how does it work?

The Stride Concealment Trolley is a concealment trolley with an intuitive PowerDrive assist system for quickly and safely transferring a deceased patient from their hospital bed to the hospital’s mortuary.

The Stride Concealment Trolley enables patient dignity to be maintained after death, whilst reducing the manual effort required from porters and mortuary staff.


What sizes are available? 

The Stride Pro Concealment Trolley comes in 4 size options:

  • 590mm Width (705mm ext.) – Safe Working Load 400kg / 63st
  • 700mm Width (815mm ext.) – Safe Working Load 400kg / 63st
  • 850mm Width (965mm ext.) – Safe Working Load 400kg / 63st
  • 1000mm Width (1115mm ext.) – Safe Working Load 500kg / 78st

The trolley’s platform length is 1900mm, and it has a versatile height range of 440mm to 810mm.


How do you clean the trolley?

The Stride Pro Concealment Trolley should be cleaned with standard disinfectant wipes, such as Clinell wipes. You should always unplug the device before cleaning and be sure to clean all surfaces thoroughly. 

For the full decontamination protocols, please see our document on the Concealment Trolley product page.


What is the battery’s range, charge time, and life expectancy?

The trolley has two batteries: one for the PowerDrive system, and one for the lifting functions.

Starting with the PowerDrive battery, this battery will typically last around 15 kilometres on a full charge. This will vary depending on the type of usage, the temperature, and other factors, but this should give a good guide. This battery takes 6 hours to fully charge, and in line with the warranty has an expected lifetime of 2 years.

For the battery that powers the lifting functions, this battery will last a whole shift on one charge. It takes 6 hours for a full charge, and there is no risk of overcharging if the unit remains plugged in overnight. Again, this battery has an expected lifetime of 2 years.

One important factor that will affect these two batteries is the temperature of the environment they are in. The optimum temperature for the batteries is around 15 degrees Celsius.  The battery capacity will drop if they are stored in temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius, and the lowest temperature they can be stored at is -15 degrees Celsius. 

As a result, whilst you can store the concealment trolley in a chiller room if necessary, we would recommend the trolley is stored at a temperature as near to 15 degrees Celsius as possible to maximise the life of the batteries. 


Is the trolley suitable for outdoor terrain?

Many hospital mortuaries involve an outside path to access them, so the Stride Pro Concealment Trolley has large 200mm diameter castors that are suitable for paved surfaces outside and navigating bumps and thresholds. Also, the PowerDrive function helps with navigating slopes and challenging terrain. 

The trolley also has a central braking function for keeping the trolley still when required.


What is the warranty?

The trolley has a warranty of 2 years, and we stock a range of parts to enable a rapid turnaround should a repair be needed. The trolley also requires servicing annually. 


Is the trolley compatible with tray systems?

The Stride Pro Concealment Trolley is not compatible with mortuary tray systems. Instead, it is designed with a completely flat platform for the patient to be transferred from their bed directly onto the trolley.


Can the trolley’s cover be customised?

The concealment trolley comes with a grey vinyl cover as standard. However, there are 3 full-colour art design options, and also the option to customise to your requirements.

For example, below is a trolley we created for James Paget Hospital, who chose to customise the trolley cover with a poppy scene. 




So, that is the top 8 questions on the Felgains Stride Pro Concealment Trolley answered. I trust this has given you a good understanding of the Stride Pro Concealment Trolley and helped you discern if it would be a good fit for you and your organisation.

If we haven’t answered your question in this article, please get in touch with us on 01473 741144, or you can use the contact form at the bottom of this page.



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