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Comparing the Raizer 2 vs Raizer M – which lifting chair is best for you in 2024?

What’s the difference between the Raizer 2 and Raizer M lifting chairs? 

Which one is best for me? 

These are both questions we’re frequently asked by prospective buyers of the Raizer lifting chairs, so in this article we’re going to compare the Raizer 2 with the Raizer M, clearly describing the differences between the two models, enabling you to make an informed decision for you or your organisation. 

The 5 main differences between the Raizer 2 and Raizer M

1. Electronic motor vs manual crank

The most obvious difference is how the lifting chairs are operated. The Raizer 2 is operated by an electronic motor, which is ideal for organisations that lift fallen persons regularly and need to reduce manual handling. This would include response services, health & social care, and care homes. The Raizer 2 is also good for private individuals who want the peace of mind that they will always be able to lift a loved one, as it takes next-to-no physical effort. 

By comparison, the Raizer M is operated manually via a crank handle. Whilst this does require a little more effort than the Raizer 2, if you’re mobile and strong enough to do the hoovering, you should be able to operate the Raizer M. 

2. Frequency of use

You’ll need to consider how often you will likely use your Raizer. The Raizer 2 has been designed primarily for organisations offering falls response, and can easily withstand frequent use with multiple lifts per day.

The Raizer M is best used for occasional lifting in the home. It takes a couple of minutes of manual effort to lift someone, so if it is for a frequent faller, the Raizer 2 will be more appropriate. However, both are built to last and come with a warranty of two years (if serviced annually).

3. Assembly and lifting time

The Raizer 2 takes just 30 seconds to assemble and lift a fallen person. This makes it ideal for busy health and care organisations such as ambulance trusts and telecare providers who need to make best use of their resources – the faster the response, the more people their workforce can help.

For people lifting family or friends at home, the extra few minutes it takes to assemble and operate the Raizer M is still a vast improvement on the potentially hours-long delay their loved one may endure while waiting for an ambulance, and the potential medical complications this may cause.

4. Audible feedback

Another benefit of the electronic Raizer 2 is that there is an audible tone when you insert each component correctly, and a different tone once the chair is fully assembled correctly. The Raizer 2 will not lift unless all the parts are inserted correctly, meaning it is impossible to lift the fallen person unless the chair is correctly assembled.

Whilst the Raizer M components locate with a loud click, the audible alert system on the Raizer 2 gives you extra peace of mind that each and every time the fallen person will be lifted safely.

5. Cost

The final major difference between the Raizer M and the Raizer 2 is how much they cost.

The Raizer 2 costs £3,997 excluding VAT or £4,405.20 including VAT, whereas the Raizer M is cheaper at £1,795 excluding VAT or £2,154 including VAT.

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Key features comparison table

Feature Raizer 2 Raizer M

Time to assemble the chair and lift the person

20-30 seconds

1-4 minutes

Lifting mechanism


Manual (with a crank)


You can lift 80 people per charge. It takes 6 hours to fully charge the battery from flat.

As the Raizer M is manual, there’s no need to charge it. Therefore it’s always ready to go.


13 kg



Suitable for both professional health and care organisations and private domestic use

Advised for private domestic use only

Safe Working Load

150kg / 23.6st

150kg / 23.6st


Annual service is recommended for optimum performance

Annual service is recommended for optimum performance


2 years if serviced annually

2 years if serviced annually

Cost (excl. VAT)




Who is the Raizer 2 for?

Many organisations in the UK use the Raizer 2 Lifting Chairs to respond to falls, including:

The Raizer 2 is also used by private individuals who want the peace of mind that they will always be able to lift a loved one quickly and safely, with minimal physical effort. 


Who is the Raizer M for?

The Raizer M has been designed primarily for lower-usage environments such as domestic settings; the Raizer M is the most popular choice for elderly couples and families wanting peace of mind if someone falls. 


Which Raizer lifting chair is best for you? 

Which Raizer lifting chair model you choose will depend on your needs, however, I hope this article has given you a clear understanding of the differences between the Raizer 2 and Raizer M Lifting Chairs, so you’re able to make the best decision for you. 

If you have any further questions or want to discuss your requirements with us, feel free to get in touch on 01473 741144, or contact us using the form at the bottom of this page.



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