July 21, 2023 | Terry Smith

Comparing the Raizer 2 vs the discontinued Raizer 1 – what’s the difference?

Whilst the Raizer 1 was discontinued back in 2019, we realise that a large number of customers still own this version of the Raizer chair and may be wondering; What’s the difference between the Raizer 1 and Raizer 2, and do I need to upgrade?

In this article, we will be comparing the Raizer 1 with the Raizer 2, looking at 5 key improvements, with the aim of helping you understand the differences and decide whether you should upgrade your Raizer 1. 

The 5 main improvements over the Raizer 1

1. Easier to assemble

One of the main improvements of the Raizer 2 over the Raizer 1 is the way they assemble.

The Raizer 1 had colour-coded parts, and the rear lifting arms were attached via a cog, which had to be orientated at the correct angle to attach correctly. 

On the Raizer 2, all of the four lifting arms are identical and can be easily inserted into any of the four slots on the seat unit, meaning the Raizer 2 is impossible to assemble incorrectly. The backrests are also interchangeable and easily slide into the seat unit. 

2. Audible feedback when assembling

Another benefit of the Raizer 2 over the Raizer 1 is that there is an audible tone when you insert each component correctly, and a different tone once the chair is fully assembled correctly. Both the Raizer 2 and Raizer 1 do not lift unless all the parts are inserted correctly, meaning it is impossible to lift the fallen person unless the chair is correctly assembled.

Whilst the Raizer 1 components located with a loud click, the audible alert system on the Raizer 2 gives you extra peace of mind that each and every time the fallen person will be lifted safely.

3. On-unit remote control storage

Instead of the loose remote control found on the Raizer 1, which was easy to misplace or lose, the remote control on the Raizer 2 is stored on the side of the seat unit and held in place with magnets. 

For extra peace of mind, if the Raizer 2 remote control is not returned to the seat unit after a certain period of time, there will be an audible alarm to remind you to return it. 

4. Improved ergonomics and comfort

A regular piece of feedback we received on the Raizer 1 was that the seat wasn’t particularly ergonomic and comfortable for the fallen person.

Ergonomics have been improved on the Raizer 2, with a wider, contoured seat and contoured backrests, ensuring the fallen person is safe and comfortable when being lifted. 

5. IP52 rated for easier cleaning

The Raizer 2 has been upgraded to be IP52 rated, which means it can be easily cleaned and wiped down using clinical wipes such as Clinell or with chemicals such as Hydrogen Peroxide Aq. 


Key features comparison

Feature Raizer 2 Raizer 1

Time to assemble the chair and lift the person

20-30 seconds

20-30 seconds

Seat dimensions

W540 x D250mm

W470 x D220mm

No. of lifts on a full battery




13 kg (seat unit: 8.5kg, backrests & lifting arms: 4.5kg)

13kg (seat unit: 9kg, backrests & lifting arms: 4kg)

Safe Working Load

150kg / 23.6st

150kg / 23.6st


What is the expected lifetime of the Raizer 1?

The expected lifetime of the Raizer 1 is 5 years, and if your Raizer 1 is older than this, we would recommend you consider upgrading to the Raizer 2 to ensure we are able to service it and support you with spare parts. 


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