March 10, 2023 | Terry Smith

How Much Does The Felgains Stride Pro Concealment Trolley Cost? (Updated for 2024)

This will always be one of the first questions anyone will ask when talking to us about the Stride Pro Concealment Trolley.

We answer this question frequently in our conversations with customers, so we’ve decided to make this information accessible to everyone here on our website.

At Felgains, we aim to educate every prospective buyer, even if that ultimately leads you towards a different brand of concealment trolley. So, in this brief article, I’ll outline the actual price of the Stride Pro Concealment Trolley and explain to you what factors affect the price.

Price per Trolley Size

The Stride Pro Concealment Trolley is available with the patient platform in four different widths, from 590mm up to 1000mm, to accommodate all types of patients and hospital sizes.

The table below shows the price for each width:

Platform Width


Price excl. VAT

Price incl. VAT

















What else affects the price?

There are options to customise the trolley’s cover with a custom design and print to suit the needs of your hospital and help in maintaining dignity after death.

You can choose from the 3 full-colour art design options below or customise the cover with a design of your choice.

Choosing one of these 3 designs will add £450 to the overall cost of the trolley.  If you require a custom design, please contact us for pricing. 


How much does a replacement cover cost?

Replacement heavy-duty vinyl covers for the Stride Pro Concealment Trolley cost £427 excl. VAT (£512.40 incl. VAT) each.  

This cost is for the standard, grey-coloured covers; if you require a custom-printed cover for your trolley, the cost for a replacement cover will be different.  


What about delivery and training?

Each concealment trolley is delivered by ourselves, and we offer a face-to-face training session on delivery.  This is free of charge. 

We also offer a free-of-charge trial of the Stride Pro Concealment Trolley, of which face-to-face training is included.


Stride Pro Concealment Trolley



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