Orca Bathlifter – White


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The Orca bathlifter provides confidence while getting in and out of the bath.

The sturdy seating platform allows you to simply sit down and lower yourself to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing bath. Once in the water you can recline the back rest or leave it upright to find the most comfortable position.

The Orca is compatible with most baths, and its ergonomic design sits lower and further towards the back of the bath. This creates more legroom and allows for a deeper, more relaxing bathe.

Once you’re ready to get out, use the floating hand control to raise the lifter.  The Orca’s scissor-lift action is smooth and controlled and comfortably lifts you to the edge of the bath for a safe transfer to your feet.

The battery is powered by Sony™️ technology and is protected by a one-year warranty. The frame and mechanism is covered by a three-year warranty.