July 3, 2020

Managing Plus Sized Patients with Anita Rush MSC DIP RGN | Felgains Friday Training Webinar

When you have a plus sized patient to care for, all sorts of questions come up: Have I got the resources to care for this person adequately? How will I manage the unique body shape of this person? Will there be a risk to tissue viability?

Watch this webinar from Friday 3rd July to find the answer to all these questions and more with plus size management specialist Anita Rush MSC DIP RGN.

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The Speaker: Anita Rush

Anita is a highly experienced Clinical Lead for equipment provision across Berkshire. The role generates many complex patient assessments including tissue viability, postural management and manual handling for the population of Berkshire and beyond – especially in the field of Plus Size Management. Training plays a large part of the role both within Berkshire and Nationally.

Anita is a member of the National Back Exchange and Regional Chair and Legislation Representative on the National Association of Equipment Providers Council.

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