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The MANULET Turn Table makes it easier to ‘swivel’ or ‘pivot’ in bed when in a seated position. This motion is also helpful when swinging legs into bed and getting in and out of a car.

Available via NHS Supply Chain. NPC: FES10566

Product Information

  • What is the MANULET Turn Table?

    The MANULET Turn Table’s two round discs have a super-smooth inside and skin-friendly padded cotton jersey on the outside. The two discs are attached to either side of a swivel mechanism with Velcro. The swivel mechanism is specially designed for very low resistance even when exposed to high loads. You can easily remove the discs from the swivel mechanism for washing, if need be.

    How does the Turn Table work?

    The MANULET Turn Table is placed under the pelvis of the person in a sitting position. The friction between the person and the base is eliminated and the person can turn easily.

    The MANULET Turn Table can also be used in combination with other products such as VENDLET, MANULET Easy Tube or MANULET Multi Grip or Mono Grip.

    The MANULET Turn Table is available in two sizes.

  • Safe working load: 200 kg
    Diameter: Ø 45 cm / Ø 60 cm
    Fabric: Cotton and nylon
    Filling material: Neoprene

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