VENDLET Basic Patient Turning System

The VENDLET Basic is an easy-to-operate mechanised patient turning system that greatly simplifies the moving and repositioning of patients in bed. Utilising the same principles developed within the original VENDLET system, the VENDLET Basic is manufactured to the same high standards but comes as a simpler package.

See how much money you could save on your care packages by implementing the VENDLET Basic with our Cost Benefit Calculator.

Key Features

  • Manual siderails for quick and easy lifting and lowering
  • Simple five button hand control
  • Simple and hygienic sheet attachment and removal
  • Easy to clean and maintain – well suited to large scale implementation
  • Proven to save money on care packages

Product Information

  • The VENDLET Basic patient turning system is a simple to operate patient repositioning system that facilitates the moving, positioning and repositioning of patients in bed. It features five colour-coded buttons on the hand control for simple operation, making it less complicated for the carer. The side rails are also manually (rather than mechanically) height-adjustable and work in exactly the same way as conventional bed side rails. The VENDLET Basic is easy to install and maintain due to its lightweight design involving minimal wires, and is also machine washable for high infection control capabilities.

    As a result, this simplified approach makes the VENDLET Basic well suited to large scale implementation across all care environments and easy for organisations to train their team members on use of VENDLET beds – ideal for those who employ multiple carers for the same patient or have a high turnover of staff.

    The VENDLET Basic is the most cost-effective mechanised turning system on the market and is a superior alternative to a manual slidesheet system. While the Basic may be the most elementary of the VENDLET systems, it still offers the same innovative features and important benefits that have come to be characteristic of VENDLET turning systems, whilst coming in a simpler and easier to navigate package.

    The VENDLET Basic. Repositioning Simplified.

    To see how this differs from the VENDLET V5S, please look at our comparison by clicking here and scrolling down the page.

    Please note: The VENDLET system is only compatible with VENDLET™ slide and turn sheets. Use of other sheets may invalidate the warranty and may constitute a risk to patient safety. Please speak to us for further details.

    • Weight in total: 30 kg
    • Length: 2000-2200 mm (telescopic sides)
    • Width: 75 mm on each side of bed
    • Material: Aluminium
    • Safe Working Load: 150 kg
    • Noise level (max load): 65 db(A)
    • Expected Service Life: 10 years

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