Voyager Overhead Ceiling Track Hoist

Key benefits:

  • Automatic charging and a return-to-charge function on straight tracks saves time and eliminates the risk of hoisting on a half-charged battery.
  • Straightforward installation minimises disruption and ensures budgets are met.
  • A track turntable is available for spaces where very tight patient transfers are required.

The Voyager 420 is a high quality ceiling track hoist, respected for its simple and reliable design and operation.

  • Manual traverse (powered vertically) or powered traverse (powered vertically and horizontally)

A wide range of track options are available, including:

  • 2m to 6m straight track
  • 45° and 90° curved track bends
  • XY full room coverage
  • Room-to-room transfer trolley
  • Track turntable
  • Wall and ceiling fixing
Technical information

SWL: 190kg/30 stone

Warranty: 1 year

Safety features:

  • Emergency stop and lowering
  • Low battery alert
  • Soft start/stop operation