Voyager Portable Overhead Ceiling Track Hoist

Key benefits:

  • Compact but capable, the Voyager Portable is a small and lightweight patient hoist unit with an impressive safe working load.
  • Provides excellent flexibility; it can be used across hoist tracks and rooms thanks to a quick release strap that allows simple repositioning of the hoist unit.
  • Compatible with fixed tracking as well as gantry tracking.

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The Voyager Portable ceiling track hoist is often chosen in combination with a gantry track system as a quick and efficient method for patient lifting and transfers.

There are two options for gantry tracking for use with the Voyager Portable patient hoist unit. Both can be simply and quickly installed by one person and no structural alterations or permanent fixings are required. There are a number of configurations available to suit different locations and both gantry track systems can also be extended as and when required.

  • Easytrack Gantry System:
    The Easytrack combines with the Voyager portable hoist unit to provide a completely portable floor-to-ceiling overhead hoist system.
  • Easytrack FS Gantry System:
    The Easytrack FS is a free-standing gantry tracking system for use with the Voyager portable hoist unit where ceiling support is not feasible.

SWL: 200kg/31 stone
Warranty: 1 year

Safety features:

  • Emergency stop and lowering
  • Low battery alert
  • Soft start/stop operation