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Are you looking to buy a Riser Recliner Chair that allows you to put your feet up and lifts you up to stand? You’re in the right place. We’ve been fitting people with the best Riser Recliner Chairs for their needs for 45 years! 



You may be searching for a new riser recliner chair for the elderly to make daily life more comfortable. For example, a good firm backrest can help ease back pain. Or an adjustable backrest, with cushions you can re-position, can be used to prevent you from leaning too heavily to one side. Or you may be young in body or at heart, and you’d love to find modern riser recliner chairs. The good news is that our Riser Recliner Chairs come in a range of sizes, functions, styles and colours that can cater to your individual needs, tastes and budget. 

Similarly, the different motor action options can help you tailor your electric riser recliner chair to your specific requirements. Dual motor riser recliner chairs can recline almost horizontally – perfect for if you’re hoping to take a nap or two. On the other hand, dual motor recliner chairs can also stay completely upright in the back, while still raising your legs – great for respiratory conditions. Single motor riser recliner chairs are ideal if you need a simple rise and recline chair, with easy-to-use controls. Tilt-in-space riser recliners are often recommended by Occupational Therapists. 

Choosing a Riser Recliner Chair

Our expert advisors will assess your needs with you and take riser recliner chair measurements, so you know if you need a standard or made to measure riser recliner. Read more about how to choose the right riser recliner chair for you.

Looking for inspiration on what colours and options to get on your Bespoke Riser Recliner?
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Riser Recliner Chairs in Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, East Anglia 

Based in our Riser Recliner Showroom in Ipswich, Suffolk we also offer home assessments if you’re unable to visit our showroom at 33 Knightsdale Road, Ipswich, IP1 4JJ. Contact us on 01473 741144 or [email protected] for more information.

ASHORE British Made Riser Recliners

We may be over 40 years’ old but we’re not over the hill! We’ve brought together all our know-how to launch a collection of tailored seating solutions under ASHORE by Felgains. This new recliner chair range reflects the values we’ve always believed in:

  • Providing the most well-made (British!) products for dependable comfort, day in, day out.
  • Fair pricing.
  • Tailored solutions that enable you to live independently with dignity.

Delivered by an expert team that love making a difference!

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