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Felgains Stride Concealment Trolley vs Bristol Maid Concealment Trolley; an honest comparison

Concealment trolleys, also referred to as mortuary trolleys, provide a safe, secure, and discrete way of moving a deceased patient to the mortuary with the utmost dignity. 

There are several different concealment trolleys on the market, each with different positives and drawbacks, and some with special functions. In this article, we will be comparing one of the most popular concealment trolleys; the Bristol Maid Concealment Trolley, with the Felgains Stride Concealment Trolley, to give you a better understanding of the options that are out there and help you make the best decision for your hospital. 

Comparison Table

  Bristol Maid Stride
Safe working load 190kg 320kg
Fully supported cover? No Yes
Retractable fifth wheel? No Yes
Central braking? No Yes
Lift action Scissor Column
Central braking? No Yes
Compatible with body tray systems? Yes No


Bristol Maid Concealment Trolley


The Bristol Maid Concealment Trolley is a height-adjustable trolley which ensures the reliable transfer of deceased patients from a bed to the mortuary. 


  • The trolley’s scissor action provides vertical lift, ideal for use in confined areas where space is limited.
  • The side rails drop down to allow for unobstructed access when transferring the patient on and off the trolley.
  • On the ‘Loose Tray’ model, the rollers on the top allow the Bristol Maid trolley to be used with mortuary tray systems.


  • A lack of support for the blue cover means that it can often sag and reveal the cadaver, which is very undignified. 
  • The outdated design and blue cover can lead to the trolley attracting unnecessary attention, again resulting in dignity after death being reduced. 
  • The Bristol Maid trolley has no powered drive assistance, which can make transporting difficult, particularly if your mortuary is accessed via slopes or via outdoor paths. Subsequently, there is an increased risk of musculoskeletal injury to porters and mortuary staff.
  • On the ‘Fixed Tray’ system which seems to be the more common model, the lip on the edge of the tray means that it’s challenging to move the deceased over when doing a lateral transfer
  • Low safe working load, at 190kg, compared to the Stride’s safe working load of 320kg


Felgains Stride Concealment Trolley


The Felgains Stride Concealment Trolley is a more economical alternative to the Stride Pro, and while it doesn’t come with a PowerDrive system as standard like the Stride Pro, the modern design and functionality are retained. 


  • The modern and inconspicuous design of the Stride Concealment Trolley ensures that dignity is maintained after death, for both the patient and any friends or family. 
  • The side rails can be dropped down and the bars supporting the cover removed, giving staff the access they need to safely transfer the patient onto the trolley with correct manual handling techniques. 
  • The cover is fully supported along its length, eliminating any sagging and subsequent revealing of the cadaver, which can often occur with other products.
  • Available with either hydraulic and electric functionality, and in widths of 650mm or 700mm, to suit the needs of your department and hospital. 
  • The Stride is an economical option, priced similarly to the Bristol Maid – read more about the price here.


  • The Stride trolley isn’t compatible with mortuary tray systems. Instead, it is designed with a completely flat platform for the patient to be transferred from their bed directly onto the trolley.


Which option should you choose?

I trust this article has given you a clear understanding of two of the most popular concealment trolleys, and the positives and drawbacks of each. 

Which trolley you choose for your trust will vary depending on your needs and requirements, and we will happily talk this through with you if required. 

Often, a hospital would trial a piece of equipment such as a concealment trolley before purchasing, and we offer this for the Stride Concealment Trolley. To get started, feel free to get in touch on 01473 741144, or via the contact form below. 



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