AirMax Hybrid Pressure Relief Mattress

Key benefits:

  • The AirMax combines a dynamic surface, that can be tailored to individual users and will automatically adjust when a patient is repositioned, with the comfort of a foam mattress.
  • A unique air control and release valve allows the mattress to slowly and evenly distribute the user’s weight and avoid discomfort or disorientation.
  • The AirMax does not require a motor pump so maintenance costs are reduced and the system is silent while running. With no power required, the mattress can be used in a power outage and for patient transfers.
  • The mattress includes sloped heel area with air cells to deliver continuous local pressure relief.
  • Includes a waterproof, vapour-permeable, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cover.

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The AirMax is a hybrid pressure relief mattress the combines the benefits of foam and air alternating mattresses to provide a very effective and reliable method of pressure reduction for patients at high risk.

SWL: 227kg/36st
Dimensions: 2000 mm Lx 900 mm W x 222 mm (H-head area)/ 145 mm (H-foot area)
Warranty: 2 years