Sensaflo Hybrid Replacement Pressure Relief Mattress

The Sensaflo Hybrid Mattress is a four in one hybrid mattress for users at high/very high risk of developing pressure ulcers. The Sensaflo has a sophisticated mattress design for effective comfort, care and pressure redistribution and relief for patients in nursing and care home environments.

The Sensaflo has a high-density foam perimeter around the air cells which makes transfers on and off the bed smoother and easier, and the inbuilt evacuation handles. It also has an adaptable heel zone with removable gel foam pads for ultimate adjustability.

The Sensaflo can be used in two ways; either as a high spec foam pressure relief mattress with self-adjusting air cells; or a pump can be added for alternating air pressure relief. The operation of the mattress can be changed between foam and alternating air at the touch of a button with the patient remaining on the bed

The Sensaflo pump uses cutting-edge technology to maintain the correct pressures and do the work for you.

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