Pressure Relief Mattresses

The nature of sleeping, being bedridden or simply spending a long time in bed, makes the bed a high risk area for pressure ulcer development, particularly for people with low levels of mobility. Choosing the right pressure relief mattress is therefore fundamental in the prevention and treatment of bed sores and pressure ulcers. Pressure relief mattresses work to reduce the amount of pressure being exerted on an individual’s body by spreading out or pushing the pressure around their frame.


There are three main kinds of pressure relief mattress – foam, air and hybrid.

Typically a foam mattress reduces pressure by spreading it over a larger contact area. A dynamic air alternating mattress pumps alternate air cells in the mattress to provide pressure relief by allowing only part of the body to be in contact with the mattress at any one time. A hybrid foam-air mattress typically provides the comfort of a foam lying surface but with the additional pressure relief of air cells underneath.

The team at Felgains are on hand to advise you through the decision-making process and specify the correct mattress for your situation.