Solace Airo Air Alternating Overlay Pressure Relief Mattress

Key benefits:

  • The Solace Airo is suitable for those at low to medium risk of pressure damage and for pressure ulcer treatment up to stage 2.
  • Features sixteen 5 inch air cells with micro-ventilated air cells from head to waist for better air circulation and temperature regulation.
  • The internal air pressure is adjustable according to the user’s weight via the mattress pump.
  • Includes a vapour permeable two-way stretch, waterproof cover.

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The Solace Airo is an air-alternating overlay mattress that is designed to be positioned on top of a traditional foam mattress and offers pressure relief by means of its individual air cells.

SWL: 150kg/24 stone
Dimensions: 2000mm L x 900mm W x 130mm H
Warranty: 1 year (pump & cover)
Warranty: 2 years (cells)