Alternating Air Pressure Relief Mattresses

Our air pressure relief mattresses are the best option for users with high risk of pressure ulcers. Alternating air pressure mattresses are either full replacement or overlay mattresses, using air to reduce the pressure on any single part of a users body, while also using air flow to reduce moisture and stimulate blood flow – crucial when trying to prevent the development of bed sores. 

In comparison to a static foam mattresses, alternating air pressure relief mattresses are adaptable and dynamic, changing pressure distribution in order to optimise pressure relief. 

Pressure Mattresses with Pumps

Our high quality air pressure mattresses are easy to set up, using a simple control system to determine the pressure and with an auto-inflate feature that reduces workload and makes it simpler for carers or loved ones. The Pump includes a remote that can be controlled by the user to grant increased mobility. All of our air pressure mattresses use very quiet pumps to minimise sleep disruption. 

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