October 25, 2017

Ollie’s Story: VENDLET Repositioning System, Suffolk

Care Environment: Professional Care
Client: Mick and Ollie
Location: Suffolk

We would like to thank you very much for arranging the allocation of the VENDLET to use for my father’s care and safety. The roller system incorporated with the bed has proven not only beneficial to Dad but also to the carers who attend on a daily basis. It has not only made turning Dad a much more comfortable experience for him it has also removed a great amount of physical exertion and risk of personal harm to my wife who is able to use it, and the carer’s who attend.

I appreciate the cost of such equipment must be initially expensive but by using the VENDLET it has cut down the amount of care visits. Instead of two carers three times a day it has been reduced to two carers twice a day with my wife covering the third visit.

Once again thanks for the planning and organising which could not have been an easy task given the amount of people/equipment involved.

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