Ornamin Mug

Thermal drinking mugs with a large ergonomic handle. A selection of lids are available separately. Choose from yellow, blue, red or green finishes, or a fluorescent coating for easy location during the night.

Also available with an internal drinking cone (pictured) to make drinking easier.

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If you’d like to add a lid to your mug, there are three specialist styles to choose from.

The Drinking Lid

The drinking lid has small, evenly-distributed holes around the rim of the lid. This makes drinking feel very intuitive, as you can sip from any side of the mug, as with a regular mug. The holes also mean that you don’t have to tilt your head back much at all to take in liquid.

The lid helps avoid spills – ideal for people with shaky hands or reduced arm strength. The lid’s slightly sunken position within the mug makes it a discreet aid.

There’s also one large hole which can accommodate a straw.

Spouted Lid

For people who struggle to angle their heads backwards, the Spouted Lid makes it easier to drink from a mug.

Non-drip Spouted Lid

The special design of the non-drip spout means that fluid intake is determined by suction. This both reduces the risk of choking and limits possible spills to a few drips.

All lids are:

  • white or semi-transparent
  • made from break-resistant quality plastic
  • are dishwasher and microwave safe


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