Presence Mobile Patient Hoist

Key benefits:

  • An interchangeable spreader bar/cradle configuration provides carers with a wider range of slings to use and allows optimal patient positioning.
  • The greater spatial area promotes better ergonomics for the carer as it is possible to interact more closely with the user.
  • Powered leg positioning makes care easier for more complex patient transfers.
  • The safety and security of the user is enhanced by the curved leg profile design, which allows you to get closer to care equipment such as wheelchairs when performing patient transfers.

The Presence mobile hoist combines an excellent range of movement with a large lifting capacity, making it capable of handling more demanding patient transfers.

  • Weigh scale
  • Manual or powered 4-point patient positioning cradle
  • 6-point cradle with stretcher
  • Low leg version is available for better access under furniture
Technical information

SWL: 227kg/36 stone
Dimensions: 1460mm L x 670mm W
Lifting range: 440mm – 1910mm (standard spreader bar)
Warranty: 2 years

Safety features:

  • Emergency stop and lowering
  • Low battery alert
  • SmartTM Monitor records the use of the hoist and advises when to schedule maintenance as well identifying any overload