SmartSlide Lateral Transfer Rollboard


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The SmartSlide is a lateral transfer rollboard for more safely and easily moving patients from one surface to another in high usage hospital environments. Available in 1800mm and 900mm sizes.

  • Avoid MSIs among your nursing staff
  • Easy to train and implement

Key Benefits

  • Lightweight solution - just 2.5kg
  • Radio translucent (no metal components) - ideal for radiology departments
  • Anti bacterial silver coating - easy and effective infection control
  • Hard-wearing and flexible solution - ideal for high usage areas

Product Information

  • The SmartSlide Lateral Transfer Rollboard is an innovative alternative to pat slides, slide sheets and air transfer devices. This hard-wearing and flexible rollboard enables patients to be transferred between surfaces

    The core of the board – weighing just 2.5kg – consists of a single piece of polyurethane, ensuring stability and a carrying capacity of 350kg. built-in handles at each end make it easy to carry around, and it folds in half for easy storage. The silver cover has an antibacterial coating that prevents the growth and spread of bacteria. The Rollboard can be wiped clean with all common disinfectants between uses, and the cover dries quickly after cleaning, ensuring minimum downtime between uses.

    The SmartSlide is a simple manual handling product with no buttons to press or pumps to use. This makes it very easy to train up staff and implement into existing practises quickly in a variety of care environments. The SmartSlide is especially valuable for high traffic environments such as the following areas;

    • Radiology: transferring patients to and from scanning equipment – the board is radio translucent with no metal components
    • Ambulance handover units – transferring patients from ambulance stretchers onto hospital beds.
    • A&E departments – transferring patients quickly and safely between beds and stretchers

    The SmartSlide is available in 2 sizes – 1800mm and 900mm – for use in a variety of situations – for example the 900mm Rollboard can be used where there is not space to store an 1800mm version.

    Contact us today for a free demonstration and discussion about how the SmartSlide Rollboard can help you and your trust deliver better care whilst helping reduce the risk of injuries to your staff.

  • Size Options

      • 1800 x 500 mm
      • 900 x 500 mm

    SWL: 350kg

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