TR900 Height Adjustable Care Bath


Key benefits:

  • The keyhole shaped tub gives extra room for upper body washing, allows for greater immersion in the water and provides easy access for mobile hoists.
  • Height adjustment provides a safe working environment for carers and allows easy access into and out of the bath.
  • A double fibreglass tub skin minimises heat loss and gives the TR900 bath excellent durability.
  • Short filling time provides maximum efficiency.
  • Freestanding design and space under the bath provides all round access including for mobile hoists.

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The TR900 height adjustable care bath provides for person-centred bathing, including for higher dependency users, while offering an ergonomic and efficient working environment for carers.

  • Air spa
  • WRAS CAT 5 Shower Gantry
  • Footboard
  • Pillow
  • Cleaning System
  • Autofill
Technical information

SWL: 150kg/24 stone
Dimensions: 2325mm L x 830mm W
Height adjustment range: 600mm – 1000mm
TMV3 Scheme certified
Warranty: 1 year